Friday, July 9, 2010

High Head

My grandchildren always keep me laughing. But two of them just crack me up, Jake and Kiaya. Neither realize how funny they are. They are just being themselves.

Yesterday my daughter in law Marlena put a Kiaya story on facebook. It seems Kiaya just ran up to her brother Xavier and said "High head" and before he could ask what it meant SHE CRACKED HER FOREHEAD INTO HIS!!! Apparently, high head is like a high five, just with your heads instead of hands..she's a crazy lil lady!!...xavier was a little shaken, lol!!!

My grandson Jake has an ongoing debate with his sister Brooke that he is only half omnivore because he eats more meat than vegetable. So he insists he is half omnivore and half carnivore. She has given up trying to convince him that being an omnivore would cover the meat he loves and the few vegetables he tolerates.

I have missed seeing everyone!!! I am thinking it is time for a family get together!!!!

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