Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Have a Truly Blessed Life!!!

(front row) Jennifer 13, Geoffrey 24 (back row) Zacharia 30, Anne 38, Kenny 26, Chuck 36) Billy 29 was not able to come home for Christmas.

The older I get the more I realize that there is nothing more important than family. I always knew I wanted a large family. My Aunt Ruby had eight children, so I thought that was a good number. I didn't make it to eight but between the birth of my two and marrying a man with five children I now have my family of seven children. And I love each of them dearly.

(Kiaya 3, Xavier 10, Jake 9, Kristyn 11, Whitney 16, Brooke 14, Jimmy 20, Caleb 14, Blake 15, Cody 18)Isabelle and Silas were not about to be with us.

Isabelle and Silas

One of the best things about having adult children is having grandchildren. We have been blessed with thirteen. Twelve we celebrate here on earth and a beautiful granddaughter that is waiting for us in heaven.

I love to get together with them as much as possible! That gives me an idea, how about a cookout this weekend.

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