Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to play, but I have to clean :(

This is not my actually basement, but it looked so similar I could help but use this image.

The main family room area of my basement is approx. 19x20. It is going to be my gym. I have a weight bench,a punching bag, treadmill, free weights, several different machines. I will have floor space for my yoga pad, exercise ball and a t.v. and DVD player. There is an alcove where I will eventually get a small refrigerator for water.

Off from my gym will be my small but quaint art studio. This is where all my photos and scrapbooks are. Along with my sewing machines and my son's painting supplies.

There is also a full bath, my laundry room and a bedroom that we are remodeling. I am so excited it has been a long time coming. I will post pictures and it unfolds.
Wish me luck!!! Gotta run, so much to do.

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