Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin!!!

I have often heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This may not always be true, but for my home I have found no truer statement. I love to cook, bake and entertain! There is nothing I love more than sharing my home with family, friends and any other stray creature that might show up on my doorstep. Thus the reason for my four dogs, two cats and a collection of teenagers I claim as my other children. The thought of anyone or anything being hungry or feeling unloved breaks my heart.

My kitchen has seen the best and the worst of me. It has been the heart of many celebrations and the joys of everyday life. My kitchen can also affect my mood. When my kitchen is out of sorts so is my mood. Maybe that is why my darling husband helps me clean the kitchen after each meal!

My hope for this blog is that anyone that enters here feels the love and warmth you would feel if you were at my kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee or on my porch swing sipping ice tea.

Welcome to my kitchen!

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