Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Forget to Pray!!

Sometime God works in my life in the strangest ways and for some reason this always amazes me! Facebook can be such a good way to reconnect with people from your past, but I believe we don't realize how much life has changed us or the other person. I have reconnected with an old friend I had worked with at Six Flags 30 years ago(wow can it have really been that long), He also became a facebook friends with my younger sister.

He is extremely liberal and extremely vocal about politics. Yesterday the two of them started to debate their opposite views and it got a little ugly. Later he posted a comment to the affect if anyone does not agree with his opinion they can remove him from their friends list, so she did.

Tonight he saw me on FB and IM me. He wanted to know why Sheron had removed him from facebook. We had a long conversation which he did not really like. I explained that he was very abrasive and acted like the liberals only had the right to an opinion. I explained that I am a conversative, christian republican all the thing that he hates. He left the conversation.

A couple hours later when we were both on Facebook again we had a long talk. He told me a story that he believed in God and Jesus. I know he believes but does he know Christ. I realize that we have a whole country full of confused people that are believing the lies that satan are feeding them. It breaks my heart.

I realize I need to make it a priority to prayer for my family.I need to pray for my fellow americans. I need to pray for my country. Pray that godly leaders will rise up and are elected to office. I also need to pray for a spiritual revival in our country. God please let it start with me!!

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