Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking Time to Breathe

June was a wonderfully hectic month. It started with me being blessed to be a team leader at a great christian youth leadership camp. Once home I needed to prepare for VBS and the next week I taught the best group of 5th graders. After VBS was over on Thursday, I left for my 1000 mile road trip to see my nephew Albert graduate and visit with my sister for a week. Then back in the car for my 1000 mile/1 battlefield trip home.

We arrived at home Saturday, July 3 about 6:30 pm. My fur babies was so glad to see me. Sunday was July 4th we had church, cook out and lit fireworks! Monday was the 4th of July parade and a nice home cooked meal "chicken roast".

Today we are going to the water park. My son, daughter, nephew and daughter's bff. It is wonderful having a 25 year old to help supervise. So I am going to take some work to the pool and plan my business strategy poolside. My life DOESN'T suck!!!

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