Saturday, August 21, 2010

The best laid plan of mice and men and mommys baking birthday cakes

Yesterday was my daughter's 14Th birthday party. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to entertain. However I want everything to be perfect for my guests and sometimes perfection is not possible. Yesterday was one of those "Murphy's law" days.

I had my timing perfect. I baked a beautiful chocolate cake. It cooled perfectly and when icing the cake I didn't have quite enough icing. No problem I made some butter cream icing. And while finishing the cake I dropped the bowl of icing shattering my cake plate and my beautiful cake crumbled into a pile of broken glass. After spouting a few words that should not be in a christian woman's vocabulary I regrouped and decided when I picked Jennifer up from school I would get a cake mix and icing.

I made it home with cake number two. I asked Charlie to grease and flour the cake pans. Here we go again. When Charlie had bought the shortening, he purchased shortening that has animal fat in it. Not much of a problem but one of our guest is a vegetarian we couldn't use it. Charlie tried olive oil and flour. Needless to say both layers stuck and broke into pieces. I had to piece this poor cake back together. Finally, the cake is finished!!! Time to move on to the hamburgers.

We had prepared the burgers earlier. All we had to do was put them on the grill. The grill is heated, burgers are on, and flames go off. We are out of gas. So all the burgers were pulled off the grill and brought into the house to bake in the oven. The food is finished. Now time for a relaxing game of "Ninja".

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