Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Tradition of Two Southern Women !!!

A few days ago we received some sad news. Our neighbor Douglas Vines past away. He gave so much to the community at Christmas time with his Christmas light display. Some people thought he over did it and maybe he did. But he did it for one reason. His love for his family. He started it twenty one years ago when his first grandchild was born. They wanted her to see Christmas lights and there was no place to go that was close to their home so they brought the lights to her. Each year he added more lights and decorations. Jennifer enjoyed them every year since she was two. Each year Jennifer and I would bake cookies for him as a small thank you gift.

His last wish was to come home. His wife Estelle wanted to honor his final request and brought him home to lay in state.We had discussed the time we were going to visit the night before. We had been at the soccer field all morning. Jennifer's team played at 11:00 am so we had to get her there early for the warm up. After a hard fought 4-3 loss  where Jenn scored two goals. We came home to watch the Bulldogs lose. I was feeling a little blue and thought I would stay home. My beautiful daughter came out of the bath dressed for visitation. I made the statement that I wasn't sure we were going. She looked at me sweetly and said "Mommy, you know we are southern women. We are suppose to cook and go visit our neighbors when someone dies"

She was right. Tradition is something I find very important and have raised my children to believe the same thing.So Jenn and I together baked a chocolate bundt cake. We couldn't bring ourselves to bake chocolate chip cookies. Charlie, Jennifer and I walked down the street and visited with his widow. I was such a good visit. You could tell how much it meant to her knowing that people cared.

Thank you Jennifer for encouraging Mommy to do the right thing!!!

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