Friday, February 18, 2011

To Blessed to Stress

My grandson Jimmy and his beautiful bride Olivia

I am home today resting. I have strep and I am not feeling the best in the world. It is all good. I am blessed with a husband that loves me and takes great care of me when I am sick. He know I love coffee when I have a sore throat and he always seems to keep a fresh pot for me. As I rest, it is in these quiet moments I am able to realize just how blessed I am. I came to my blog and realized I have not posted anything since the end of December.

Jennifer in her first high school soccer game

So much has happened in the first 48 days of 2011. My nephew Wyatt became a teenager, Jennifer tried out and made her high school JV soccer team, My oldest grandson Jimmy was married and my son turns 26 tomorrow.  Well I better sign off and get some rest tomorrow I plan surprise Geoff with a cake and his favorite food homemade chicken and dumplings before he goes off to work.

Jennifer, Geoff, and myself at Longhorn's for Geoff's 26th Birthday dinner.

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